Uberti Black Powder


The Navy, Pocket Navy, Army, and Police Black Powder Revolvers all evolved between 1851 and 1862 from one model originally designed by Colt.

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Uberti 1862 Police Pistol .36 6.1/2

The Uberti 1862 Police Black Powder Revolver is a scaled-down, concealment version of the larger 1860’s military models. Blued 6 1-2″ barrel; Caliber: .36; fluted, 5-shot cylinder; black powder only.
During the 1850’s, Samuel Colt discovered that by working with certain steels, he could safely fit a larger caliber in a smaller-frame revolver. This is the reason why the diminuitive 1862 Police (and its sister, the Pocket) packs a .36 caliber punch that could earlier be delivered only through the larger-frame Colt 1851 Navy.
The Uberti 1862 Pocket Pistol gives you the opportunity to own and safely shoot this sleek gun, which became a favorite “concealment” weapon for sheriffs, marshalls and outlaws alike in the days of the Wild West.


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